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Young ICT innovators snap up 2018 Pacific AgriHack Lab awards

Three Pacific entrepreneurs based in Fiji and the Solomon Islands have been declared winners of the 2018 Pacific AgriHack Lab competition and awarded €5,000 grants to help further develop their agriculture-oriented innovations.

This year’s event – hosted at the University of the South Pacific (USP) Tonga Campus in partnership with the Faculty of Science, Technology and Environment of the USP Suva Campus, and organised in collaboration with CTA as part of the CTA/IFAD-funded ‘Innov4AgPacific’ project – sought to scale up novel and existing agriculture-oriented ICT innovations. 15 teams from across the Pacific took part in a two-day workshop that provided training across a number of key business development areas – including accessing finance, shaping a viable business model and understanding intellectual property rights (IPR).

Preliminary training sessions also allowed teams to refine their pitches, before presenting their innovations to a panel of judges. The judging panel for this year’s event was led by Francis Thomsen, CEO of Digical Tonga Ltd., and was comprised of academic, finance and private business representatives.

The 15 finalists presented a diverse range of ICT-based innovations with potential applications across the agriculture value chain – from streamlining communication, to capacity development and improving transport. The three winning teams, will use the grant to take their ideas to the next stage:

  • TraSeable Solutions, an established Fijian technology company providing transparency across the Pacific’s seafood sector, entered the 2018 AgriHack Lab with its new ‘TraSeable Farms’ app. The app aims to leverage the company’s experience within the seafood sector, providing a blockchain-enabled platform helping farmers to gain access to better markets for their produce.
  • A collaboration between USP and Fiji’s National Food and Nutrition Centre (NFNC) resulted in the development of the MyKana app, seeking to address the current nutrition crisis across the Pacific. The app provides nutritional information on the food entered by users, placing an emphasis on a balanced diet, rather than a calorie-based metric. “We are working with the USP Centre for Flexible Learning because they have engineers and computer experts, and are represented in 22 countries. We then contribute food and nutrition security expertise.” The organisation plans to use the award in the development of a ‘backyard gardening’ component for the app, which will provide information to users on establishing and maintaining their own garden, to produce and consume nutritious fruit and vegetables.
  • The third innovation to take home this year’s award was the MalaAgri app, developed by the Solomon Islands-based Youth in Business Association. The idea was born out of the barriers currently preventing young people in the Pacific from kick-starting their own businesses; “We should have more partnership opportunities, especially for young people,” explains Watson Anikwai, one of the app’s developers.

In addition to the monetary award, the winners will receive additional technical support, as well as capacity building, mentorship and incubation opportunities.

For more information or to request an interview, contact Toby Johnson, Team Leader Communications, CTA, +31 (0) 6 10 88 50 80, johnson@cta.int

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Deux entreprises des îles Fidji unissent leurs forces pour des chaînes de valeur plus performantes

Deux entreprises agroalimentaires fidjiennes ont pu établir, grâce à un événement de mise en réseau régional organisé par le CTA dans les Tonga, des relations commerciales aux perspectives prometteuses pour les chaînes de valeur et la nutrition dans les îles du Pacifique.

MyKana : une application créée aux Fidji et adaptée au contexte local pour améliorer la santé de la population


Le parcours Agrihack Lab organisé dans les Tonga du 3 au 6 décembre 2018 a commencé par une collaboration entre le Centre pour l’apprentissage flexible de l’Université du Pacifique Sud (USP) et le Centre national d’alimentation et de nutrition du ministère de la Santé et des Services médicaux des Fidji, une initiative visant à remédier à l’actuelle crise nutritionnelle qui sévit dans le Pacifique.

TraSeable Farms : réinventer le secteur agricole dans les îles du Pacifique


En septembre 2018, TraSeable Solutions a eu la chance de participer au concours Pacific AgriHack Lab organisé par le CTA aux Tonga. Notre organisation a présenté sa nouvelle initiative, la plateforme mobile et web intégrée d’accès aux marchés et aux transports pour agriculteurs du Pacifique. Le prix, décerné aux lauréats du concours, est une somme d’argent pour étendre à grande échelle leurs activités et affaires. Cet événement nous a permis de tester nos concepts auprès d’experts en technologies agricoles.

Une start-up des îles Salomon récompensée lors d’un concours des TIC

par et

La Malaita Youth in Business Association (MYIBA) est l’un des trois lauréats du concours Pacific Agrihack Lab organisé en décembre 2018 aux Tonga. Ce concours visait à diffuser à plus grande échelle des innovations TIC, nouvelles et existantes, afin d’améliorer les activités économiques tout au long des chaînes de valeur agricoles.

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