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42nd IFAD Governing Council


42nd IFAD Governing Council

Aperçu de l'événement

The theme of the 42nd IFAD Governing Council is "Rural Innovation and Entrepreneurship" which are a key part of the IFAD11 Commitment to embrace a culture of results and innovation. With its specialised mandate of enabling rural transformation, IFAD has a pivotal role to play in creating the conditions for innovation and entrepreneurship to thrive in rural areas and improve poor people's livelihoods and prospects.

The Governing Council is the International Fund for Agricultural Development's (IFAD) main decision-making body. It consists of all of IFAD’s Member States and meets annually. It is attended by the official Member State representatives, i.e. Governors, Alternate Governors and any other designated advisers. All powers of the Fund are vested in the Governing Council, which takes decisions on issues such as approval of new membership and appointment of the President of IFAD etc. Governing Council Sessions are chaired by the Chairperson of the Governing Council Bureau. 

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    Headquartered in Rome, Italy, the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) is a specialised agency of the United Nations dedicated to eradicating rural poverty in developing countries. It was established as an international financial institution in 1977 as one of the major outcomes of the 1974 World Food Conference. IFAD invests in rural people, empowering them to reduce poverty, increase food security, improve nutrition and strengthen resilience. Since 1978, we have provided US$18.5 billion in grants and low-interest loans to projects that have reached about 464 million people. IFAD is an international financial institution and a specialised United Nations agency based in Rome – the UN’s food and agriculture hub. In support of the African Green Revolution Forum (AGRF), through its nominee AFRACA – The African Rural and Agriculture Credit Association, IFAD Co-Chairs the Finance Thematic Working Group and regularly participates in AGRF related sessions, workshops, programs related to the improvement of access to finance in Africa by smallholder farmers.