Le Centre technique de coopération agricole et rurale (CTA) confirme sa fermeture pour la fin 2020.
janv. 29

Vijabiz commodity business workshop

Vijabiz commodity business workshop

Aperçu de l'événement

 “Youth Economic Empowerment through Agribusiness in Kenya” (Vijabiz) project organises a commodity business opportunity workshops targeting the youth involved in the project in Nakuru and Kilifi counties.

This interactive workshop brings together key stakeholders from the county governments, non-governmental stakeholders, the private sector and the youth groups representatives for a peer-to-peer exchange. The thematic sessions are informed by brief input presentations from the implementing organisations, followed by presentations of various opportunities in three value chains (dairy, cereals and fisheries) by the technical experts from Kenyan Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries (MOALF). 

Financial institutions, ICT consultants, NGOs, incubator representative and the private sector service providers present various services which they offer.

370 participants from Nakuru are expected at the Agricultural Training Center.

The objectives of the event are:

  • to present business opportunities to the youth groups involved in the dairy, cereal and fisheries value chains;
  • to discussing project activities in 2019 work plan;
  • to sign agreements with the youth groups that have qualified to join the project.
Nakuru, Kenya

Les organisateurs

  • CTA

    Le Centre technique de coopération agricole et rurale (CTA) est une institution internationale conjointe des États du Groupe ACP (Afrique, Caraïbes, Pacifique) et de l’Union européenne (UE). Il intervient dans les pays ACP pour améliorer la sécurité alimentaire, la résilience et la croissance économique à travers des innovations durables dans le domaine agricole. Le CTA opère dans le cadre de l’Accord de Cotonou et est financé par l’UE.


    USTADI Foundation is a registered Kenyan organisation. USTADI is Swahili word for ‘skilful’ and the brand name for the Local Capacity Development Facility in Kenya whose focus is on facilitation of Capacity Development Services (CDS) at the sub national level. The organisation was started by the Netherlands Development Organisation (SNV), International Humanist Institute for Cooperation with Developing Countries (HIVOS), and twenty-one (21) other local institutions (referred to as the Consortium) involved in facilitating capacity development in Kenya to bring about a ‘coalition of change’ comprising partners from the private sector, civil society, government, commercial organisation, financial service providers and various interest group regarding capacity development.