Le Centre technique de coopération agricole et rurale (CTA) confirme sa fermeture pour la fin 2020.

Preserving CTA’s intellectual property assets – quick overview

In the run-up to the closure of CTA at the end of 2020, the Centre implemented a rigorous process to take stock of its intellectual legacy assets and plan for their responsible transfer, retention or disposal, in close consultation with EU and ACP stakeholders.

Eight categories of CTA’s intellectual legacy assets identified

  1. Projects and related content, such as reports, articles and blog
  2. Data assets, such as farmer profiles generated by projects and held by CTA as data controller under General Data Protection Regulation rules
  3. Information products, such as publications (both physical and electronic), photos and videos
  4. Platforms, including CTA websites, online platforms and software and systems such as CTA’s project management system.
  5. Digital applications created under projects – in all cases, ownership of these resides with the project partner
  6. Social media, including CTA’s corporate channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Vimeo and YouTube), those associated with CTA information products (e.g. ICT Update, Spore) and those associated with CTA initiatives (e.g. Web2forDev, ARYDIS and Innov4Ag Pacific)
  7. Professional networks, most of which were moderated by CTA staff
  8. Brands, such as Spore, Brussels Briefing, ICT Update, Pitch AgriHack and VALUE4HER and UAV4Ag.

Guiding principles for handling of CTA’s intellectual property assets

  • Partners’ rights were safeguarded, and a fair and transparent process was adopted
  • CTA’s intellectual legacy assets remain a public good and are available and accessible to all
  • Any potential legal risks for CTA and its stakeholders were eliminated (or at the very least minimised).

Criteria for handing over of CTA assets

  • The partner(s) with whom the legacy asset has been created was offered the asset as a first priority, unless capacity was a constraint
  • The partner(s) has demonstrated capacity to offer continued services relating to the legacy asset
  • The partner(s) has a similar mission and purpose and can provide continuity for the service.
  • Conditions of use include:
  • The asset remains a public good, available and accessible to all
  • The legacy asset is not used for commercial purposes, other than those it was established for
  • All legal and data privacy rules are adhered to in order to eliminate any legal consequences for CTA and its stakeholders.