Le Centre technique de coopération agricole et rurale (CTA) confirme sa fermeture pour la fin 2020.

VALUE4HER: Boosting women-led agribusiness

Women are key players in agriculture, but few are engaged in agribusiness. This is largely because women face challenges that bar their entry to this lucrative sector, including poor access to markets, market intelligence, finance and other business services, and because they commonly lack the technical, management and leadership skills needed to drive an enterprise forward. VALUE4HER: Strengthening women’s agribusiness enterprises in ACP countries is set to change this.

VALUE4HER has called for women-led agribusinesses in southern and eastern Africa to register for an agribusiness intelligence network. This network will encourage links and sharing of experience among women-led agribusinesses and help agripreneurs to link with women-led suppliers, to benefit other women in the value chain. Agribusinesses that register are also eligible to participate in the project’s activities, including training and the chance to apply for a competitive grant aimed at spurring innovation.