Le Centre technique de coopération agricole et rurale (CTA) confirme sa fermeture pour la fin 2020.

Isaura Lopes Ramos

International Aid/Cooperation Officer, European Commission

International Aid/Cooperation Officer, European Commission

Isaura Lopes Ramos


International Aid/Cooperation Officer, European Commission


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In the Caribbean region, tourism is an essential element of the economy, and one of the sectors with the biggest growth in the recent years. For instance, in 2014, the region received 26.3 million tourists who spent US$29.2 billion, setting a new record for the region (Dawkins, 2015). However, to sustain this growth, the tourism sector must develop strategies to adapt to the new demands from the visitors and diversify its products from the traditional sea-sand-sun and cruise options.


  1. Le pouvoir des communautés en ligne

    Les petits exploitants agricoles doivent absorber beaucoup d’informations qui impactent directement leur travail. Les communautés de pratiques renforcent leur capacité à influencer la recherche et l’élaboration de politiques, et améliorent leurs pratiques agricoles.


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    Creating Impact with Open Data in Agriculture and Nutrition

    The Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, CABI, GODAN, CTA and Wageningen UR are partnering to organise the 3rd Workshop on Creating Impact with Open Data in Agriculture and Nutrition. The workshop will be staged at…
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    CAADP Journalist Network-Training on Open Data for Agriculture and Nutrition

    Open data plays a critical role in the agricultural and nutritional sector. Most specifically, it is key in the implementation of the Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme (CAADP), the framework for improving food security, nutrition, and increasing incomes in Africa's largely farming based economies. The continental agenda relies on indicators from each CAADP implementing coun…