Tiana Cline

Technology Journalist


Tiana Cline is a well-known technology journalist from Johannesburg, South Africa. She has been regularly contributing to lifestyle and business publications, both online and print, for the past 15 years. Backed by two postgraduate degrees (English Lit and Publishing Studies) Tiana is passionate about exponential technology and how it continues to change and challenge every industry. From data science to medical science, 3D printing, the power of blockchain and even video games, Tiana loves reading and writing about innovative, breakthrough technology. When not writing, Tiana works as senior UX copywriter for an award-winning digital marketing, advertising and transformation agency.



Les technologies intelligentes et les méthodes de pointe pour la collecte de données font chuter le coût de l’agriculture de précision, dopent les rendements des cultures et aident tous les agriculteurs, depuis les petits exploitants jusqu’aux géants commerciaux.