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Une formation à l’utilisation des drones pour soutenir le développement de Madagascar

Le CTA, conscient des opportunités offertes par l’application des drones à l’agriculture de précision, a lancé le projet Transformer l'agriculture africaine - Les yeux dans le ciel pour des technologies intelligentes au sol en 2016 afin d’a…

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Strike Two Summit: Chain Management

This summit comprises of three events where digital innovations are showcased to make our food system more circular, sustainable and future-proof. Each event is focused on a part of the food chain: starting with a consumer-orientated event on building trust, followed by an event entirely for farming industr…
Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Promoting climate finance for agriculture in East & Southern Africa

CTA in collaboration with NEPAD and FANRPAN organises a regional workshop bringing together countries in East and Southern Africa and other relevant stakeholders to discuss cross-country issues and lessons learnt in increasing finance to support climate action for agriculture, pa…
Johannesburg, South Africa

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6th German-African Agribusiness Forum

The 6th German-African Agribusiness Forum is being held in the course of the 85th International Green Week (IGW), under the patronage of the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture.  

Nürnberger Str. 50-55, 10789 Berlin, Germany

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