Le Centre technique de coopération agricole et rurale (CTA) confirme sa fermeture pour la fin 2020.

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9 Résultats dans les projets et les événements

sept. 9


CTA/PAFO - Experience capitalisation and knowledge management workshop

Based upon the collaboration in support of selected farmers' organisations-led businesses supported by CTA and partners, the workshop proposes to:Review the results and lessons learned from the supported cases at national level after the support provided by CTA, PAFO and AgriCord members.Identify further business cases whi…
Brussels, Belgium

ao�t 14


Vijabiz - Experience capitalisation workshop

The process of experience capitalisation starts with a first workshop, in Nakuru, Kenya at the Merica Hotel and includes representatives of the organisations participating in the Vijabiz project. 

Town East, Kenyatta Ave, Nakuru, Kenya

f�vr. 18


Experience capitalisation institutionalisation workshop

The main objective of CTA's experience capitalisation project has been to encourage the adoption of the approach - its regular use by projects and organisations. Largely as the result of the work done by many facilitators, it is now possible to see many cases where this institutionalisation process is already taking place, in different parts of the world. 

Amsterdam, Netherlands

f�vr. 5


Capitalisation of Experiences for Greater Impact in Rural Development - Pacific region

CTA is hosting a knowledge management workshop as part of the ‘Capitalisation of Experiences for Greater Impact in Rural Development’ project between 5 and 9 February 2018 in the Fijian capital of Suva. The 3-year project started in April 2016 with the aim to facilitate the wider use of experience capitalisation processes in rural development initiatives, as an approach…
Suva, Fiji

f�vr. 4


Deuxième atelier: Capitalisation en Afrique de l’Ouest francophone

Le projet « Capitalisation des Expériences pour un impact accru dans la le développement rural » vise à faciliter l’adoption d’une méthodologie de capitalisation des expériences dans les projets de développement, afin d’améliorer leur analyse, leur documentation et l’adoption, puis l’utilisation des leçons apprises et des bonnes pratiques. Un premier atelier, en octobre 20…
Dakar, Senegal

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