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mai 15


Policy workshop: Climate finance for agriculture in Zimbabwe

Agriculture is central to any debate on climate change given the enormous responsibility placed on the sector to produce 60% more food by 2050 despite changing climatic uncertainties. The case for increased investment in climate-smart agriculture has been articulated in different forums as a way to promote agricultural transformation and chart a path to scale up climate actions in agricu…
Harare, Zimbabwe

mars 11


Strengthening sustainable access and effective utilisation of open data in agriculture and nutrition initiatives

One of the persistent challenges facing various stakeholders in the agriculture and nutrition sector in Zimbabwe is physical and cognitive access to relevant credible evidence to use in identifying research priorities, doing the research, develop policy and in making programme interventions to ensure food and nutrition security. This workshop  will target food and n…
Harare, Zimbabwe

avril 6


Améliorer la productivité du secteur laitier et les revenus des petits producteurs, promouvoir le développement d’entreprises du secteur laitier par les jeunes en Afrique australe et de l’Est (DAIRYPROFIT)

La région de l’Afrique de l’Est assure environ 68 % de la production de lait du continent, les principaux pays producteurs étant le Kenya, l’Ouganda, l’Éthiopie et la Tanzanie. La production artisanale de lait représente jusqu’à 80 % de la production régionale. La majeure partie (80 %) est commercialisée sous forme de lait cru, le long d’une chaîne du « chaud » (chaîne du…

mars 1


Stakeholder workshop on a proposal for policy/regulatory framework for supporting weather-based index insurance in Southern Africa

CTA and partners are implementing a project to scale up four major climate-smart agriculture solutions to smallholder farmers in three southern African countries - Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe. One of the key results expected from the project is to facilitate policy and regulatory framework for supporting the development of weather-based insurance agreed at the regional level. The process involv…
Johannesburg, South Africa

sept. 7


Seed Fair to promote farmer access to stress-tolerant seeds for climate adaptation

Adverse impacts of climate change and extreme weather conditions are becoming more frequent, and have de facto become the new norm in Southern Africa. While stress-tolerant seeds offer opportunities to help farmers adapt to the unpredictable weather conditions, it must be clear what the seeds do, and how different…

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