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Three-dimensional knowledge sharing

Leaving an uninspiring office job, Debora Linga received support from CTA to set-up her own NGO, Tribal Peoples Development in Suriname. Thanks to her Saramaccan tribal origins, she is able to truly apply a participatory approach to development. We caught up with Debora to learn how she is generating lasting impact in her local community and how CTA is involving indigenous people in the development of solutions to the issues they face.

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Agri-Food Forum looks to the future

The 2015 Caribbean Pacific Agri-Food Forum, held in Barbados, focused on many of CTA’s priority interventions for the regions. There was a strong emphasis on impact. In Africa, CTA has been encouraging greater intra-regional trade, and we played a prominent role in two important conferences in Equatorial Guinea and Rwanda.

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Blog articles

Sowing the seeds of climate-resilient agriculture in the Caribbean

In September 2017, Hurricane Maria decimated the agriculture sector in Dominica and Barbuda. By employing climate adaptation and climate-smart agriculture strategies, both countries are working to ‘build back better’ to ensure their agriculture sectors are more resilient.

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Renewed maize grain revives Haitian agriculture

In Haiti, a renewed and improved maize seed variety provides seven times the yield of traditional varieties, helping to tackle food insecurity and malnutrition in the country. Farmers interested in working in the seed sector receive training in the production of the seed to ensure the genetic purity is maintained.

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Boutique winery bears fruit for Caribbean agripreneur

Convinced of the need for her native Trinidad to diversify its economy, Laura Superville was keen to set up a business based on local produce. The result is a range of wines based on the aroma and taste of tropical fruits, which has opened up a new career path for this young agripreneur, as well as job opportunities for other members of the community.

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Investing in the Caribbean sweet-potato sector

Discover the ‘Investment guide for the sweet potato sector’ that is being launched in collaboration with the Finance Alliance for Sustainable Trade (FAST) this month. This microsite, as well as the communication campaign we are developing through our media and social media networks, aims to introduce financial institutions to the world of sweet potato farming in the CARIFORUM region.

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European Development Days 2017: ACP inclusive investment

Boosting investment for African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) inclusive trade and development: Harnessing investment opportunities to empower ACPs as the world’s next emerging economy will be one of four events that CTA is co-organising in Brussels. This lab will present intra-ACP initiatives aimed at spurring investment opportunities to support trade expansion and sustainable development. It will take place on 7 June as part of the theme on Sustainable Investment.

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The Caribbean Week of Agriculture: new opportunities for investing in agriculture

The 14th edition of the Caribbean Week of Agriculture (CWA), widely recognised as the most important event in the region’s agricultural calendar, opens next week in the Cayman Islands. Taking the theme Investing in Food and Agriculture in the Caribbean, the event is being organised from 24 to 28 October 2016.

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Strong value chains to drive sustainable development in small island developing states

The small size and remote locations of small island developing states (SIDS) in the Caribbean and Pacific make it critical for small-scale producers and agri-processors to be part of efficient value chains. On the second day of the Caribbean and Pacific Agri-Food Forum, being held in Barbados from 2 to 6 November 2015, participants explored innovative solutions to help drive the agri-food sector in island locations, and enable communities to face serious challenges such as climate change, nutrition-related disease and uncertain food security.

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Taking an agribusiness approach in the Caribbean

CTA has recently interviewed Torin Gilalta, technical officer at the Caribbean Agri-business Association (CABA). CABA works to provide a private sector mechanism to facilitate organized, coordinated planning and development of regional programmes and projects in the agri-business sector in CARICOM.

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CTA Handbook: An ICT Agripreneurship Guide

This Handbook provides a step-by-step roadmap designed to equip aspiring ICT entrepreneurs, with the information and knowledge they need to start an ICT-based business in the agricultural sector, outlining key opportunities and challenges that will be encountered along the way. Using real-life examples, it provides strategies and pathways for averting common mistakes faced by early-stage entrepreneurs.

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New directions for targeted outcomes

While reflecting on its 30-year history during its anniversary year in 2014, CTA was also busy making plans for the future. CTA's goal is to contribute to enhanced agricultural and rural development policies and inclusive value chains that promote food and nutrition security, prosperity and sustainable management of natural resources across Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific (ACP).

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Syndicated articles

Wine that tastes of Trinidad

"I don't buy whisky, neither strong rum It is against my religion. I have home-made wine of all description Boy yuh could sample any one. I have citrus, hibiscus, bande root, passion fruit, ti marie, strawberry, aloes and cane!" Homemade Wine, Scrunter Making home-made wine for Christmas, is a tradition for many across T&T.

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HarvestAPI: A Building Block to Better Agriculture Data Interfaces

This blog post forms part two of a three-part series in which we will be sharing the key insights and lessons learned from our work thus far re-imagining Jamaica’s agriculture infrastructure. In part one, I provided an overview of the ADS project and its underlying theory of change for addressing some of the critical challenges that prevent the development of Jamaica’s agricultural sector. In the last post, I’ll be sharing what is next for the ADS initiative and some of the key questions that the work has raised.

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Reimagining Jamaica’s Agriculture Data Infrastructure

In 2016, the newly elected Jamaican Government set out an ambitious target of achieving 5% GDP growth in four years. To much public surprise, in the third quarter of that year, Jamaica recorded an impressive 2.2% GDP growth rate, the strongest real GDP growth estimate in nine years. The Agriculture sector contributed significantly to this achievement with the sector individually experiencing an estimated real GDP growth of 28% over the previous quarter.

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Technical and scientific articles

Breadtrail: from farm to fork

BreadTrail, an app created by Darien Jardine, Nirvan Sharma and Reshawn Ramjattan, makes introducing reliable and incorruptible traceability to the supply chain secure and scalable while providing benefits to everyone involved from farmer to customer.

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Background articles

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Modernising Caribbean crop production

Agricultural production in the Caribbean is constrained by limited access to up-to-date, local information. However, recent ICT developments in the region have created e-solutions to these challenges, improving crop production and reducing pests and diseases as well as post-harvest losses.

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Sustainable and profitable value chains and agribusinesses in the Caribbean

Agriculture has been declining in the Caribbean over the last 10 years. Nevertheless, it still provides a livelihood for many, especially in rural communities, and contributes to food and nutrition security. The Caribbean Community (CARICOM) has highlighted the need for the region’s agriculture to b...