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Nov 22

Agri Startup Summit

Agri Startup Summit

Event Overview

AGRI STARTUP SUMMIT is an AGTECH event organised by Inf'Agri85, a communication agency specialised in agriculture, that brings together startups and mentors from all over the world from Wednesday 22th to Friday 24th November on the campus of Les Etablières in La Roche-sur-Yon. On the day of the Agri Startup Summit, startups will have the opportunity to participate in different workshops with the participation of agricultural professionals, recognized startups or foreign professionals. All this with the aim of centralizing the multiple skills around a problem.

Workshops with the participation of agricultural professionals, recognized startups or foreign professionals:

STARTUPS SUPPORT: How to think funding and incubating?

BIOSTIMULANTS, BIOPRODUCTS: The inputs of tomorrow's agriculture?

AFRICA, FACILITATE NORTH / SOUTH EXCHANGES FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF DIGITAL PROJECTS: The African continent is full of initiatives in digital use, in agriculture but also for health, energy, education. How to facilitate exchanges between north and south taking into account "leaps frogging" 

DATA AND MARKETS: We have a big data mass more or less related to the agricultural commodity markets. How can farmers benefit the most from that?

RISK MANAGEMENT AND BIG DATA: INSURANCE AND IRRIGATION From the management of irrigation to that of the insurance systems, should the exploitation of the big data must become the pivot point for strategies in the field of risk management?

BRAND CREATION FOR OUR PRODUCTIONS: Should producers take over the valorization of their products by a direct alliance between producers and consumers?

ATTRACTIVE TRAINING TO INSTALL TOMORROW IN AGRICULTURE: A lively agriculture requires the renewal of its assets. Training has a key role in referring young people to trades. In a society where young people seek their vocation, how to attract them to the professions of agriculture? and how to get them through the installation?

7 Rue Maurice Edgar Coindreau, 85000 La Roche-sur-Yon, France


  • Inf'Agri85

    Inf'Agri85 is a publishing company and communication agency specialising in agriculture. It is based in Vendée, La Roche-sur-Yon. For several years, this structure has been supporting the agricultural world and professionals in agriculture and rural development.